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At MTM Service, we offer commercial cleaning, window cleaning & facility management with a focus on quality and fast response. We provide customized solutions and ensure our customers never have to wait for a response or delivery. With a humble and meticulous approach, we strive to deliver exceptional service every time.

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4x Børsen Gazelle

We are proud recipients of four Børsen Gazelle awards, which recognize our commitment to growth, quality and innovation in our work.

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Trained personel

For us, it is important that all our employees are constantly up-qualified and trained to ensure that we deliver quality and innovation.

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The UN as customer

We are a proud provider of facility services to the UN as well as a member of the UN’s Global Compact. We are at the forefront of creating a better world.

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Collective Agreement

We are proud to have entered into an agreement with 3F/DI for our employees, which ensures orderly conditions and a high level of well-being and work ethics.

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Service - delivered to your company needs.

As a customer of MTM Service, you can choose which services you want us to perform. The only thing you can't opt out of is our high quality.

To af vores medarbajdere som fjerner støv

illustration af 5 stjerner We collect happy customers

We are proud of every customer in MTM Service. With us you will become not only a customer but part of our professional family.

Erhvervsrengøring af restuarant med kvalitetskontrol af anden medarbajder

We chose MTM Service based on good recommendations. For DLG, reliability and certainty mean that the agreed work is done a lot. We are pleased with MTM Service as a partner. We see them as proactive and solution-oriented.

Caroline Høgsgaard DLG
MTM Medarbajder som er igang med vinduespolering indefor på store glas paneler

We chose MTM Service as a supplier on the basis of price and local presence, and because flexibility in solving extra tasks as well as continuous monitoring on quality means a lot to us.

Kim Bendtsen H&S manager
indefor Vinduespolering på stige af tag glas elementer

Howden chose MTM Service as a supplier because of our desire for closeness and a good dialogue about the expected delivery. MTM Service demonstrates a good understanding of our need for flexibility in the execution of the tasks. At the same time, MTM Service has been good at rapidly following up on questions about additional tasks as well as extra effort on vacancy coverage.

John Kryger EHS Manager

We can help you with

At MTM Service we offer the full facility service package - you can also get your unique solution screened.

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Overall solution

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Window cleaning

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Facility management

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Agility gives us the ability to
react to your needs

Speed/ability to execute, capacity to perform tasks
fexibility to react fast

Get a non-binding offer within 24 hours

Contact MTM Service if you want a quote or help for cleaning, window polishing and facility management for business customers and housing associations.

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    We have outlined our services in a brochure, which you can download here.

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    High professionalism

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    Our customers must have the best possible service and delivery within the customer’s budget. We operate with very short response time. As a customer, you do not have to wait for a response or delivery from us.

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    Agreement with 3F/DI

    MTM Service has entered into an agreement to contribute to a safe and prosperous labour market.

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    Erhvervsrengøring af restuarant med kvalitetskontrol af anden medarbajder
    Quality assurance

    Quality at MTM Service

    Quality is a cornerstone of MTM Service. Everything starts and ends here - with us the details must be in order

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    Fjerning af støv på toppen af lampen

    Business cleaning and pride in the work of MTM Service

    Pride flows in our veins, which we create both physically and psychologically.

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    Erhvervsrengøring af to mtm medarbajdere som støvsuger og polerer store vinduer indefor

    Overall solution

    Let us handle all service tasks in your company so that you can focus on your core business.

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    Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Our unique quality assurance system is your guarantee of well done work.

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    Rengøring af en toilet og kvalitetskontrol på faucet


    Education is the way forward. At MTM Service we take this part very seriously.

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    medarbajder med MTM Elite logo på som er igang med erhvervsrengøring

    MTM Elite

    We have created a very special title, namely MTM Elite for the very extraordinary employee.

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    Pride runs in our veins

    We use only trained staff

    Education is part of our daily optimization. We believe that stagnation is equivalent to decline, and therefore we are looking daily for new ways and methods for efficiency and up-qualification. This ultimately results in both a better workplace for our employees, a better service for our customers and motivates the desire for further improvement.

    MTM products make it easier

    We have our own product range of high quality as well as price guarantee. Let us be responsible for delivery and fulfilment - to increase ease in your everyday life.

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    We can help you right away

    Speed/ability to execute, capacity to perform tasks, flexibility to react quickly

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