At MTM Service we have created a very special title, namely MTM Elite for the very extraordinary employees. To get into this great group you need to have unique qualifications. Then if you see an MTM employee with the beautiful gold star on the uniform, you have not only a proof of quality, but also of what MTM Service every day strives for. It is very difficult to get into this group, but for us it is important that our employees seek this star every day.

To make an effort
We only want employees who work hard, and only when you understand the essence of this, you get closer to MTM Elite. It is easy to say that you work hard, but it requires dedication, humility and diligence to realize. There, recognition from MTM Service is important when our employees reach the culmination of this. Physically, the employee will get his name on our ‘MTM Elite wall’ – just as the employees will be equipped with a beautiful gold star.